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What’s Different in the PDQ 6300 and PDQ 6400 Exit Devices?

Sleek, Quiet, and ready to ship, the new 6300 exit devices features a patent pending cush spring to quiet the device in both directions, flush end cap, nearly flush push bar when dogged, high strength chassis, and more. A major difference in the new 6300/6400 exit devices vis-a-vis the 6200/6202 exit devices is the distances between mounting holes. The distances between the mounting holes allows the new PDQ 6300 and PDQ 6400 to be compatible …

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What is Request To Exit Option In Door Locks?

A Request To Exit (REX) option in door locks is an accessory to your access control system. The switch notifies an external device that someone is trying to exit, which trips a relay that changes door state from lock to unlock. Request To Exit switches come in many forms – from pushbuttons which have engraved ‘Push to Exit’, to switches concealed inside exit devices, to hands-free infrared and touch sensitive devices. Request To Exit option …

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Lock Cylinder and Keyway Guide

The cylinder is the part of the lock in which you insert the key.  There are different types of cylinders available. The most popular is the standard cylinder which can be identified by a single circle around the keyhole. (Check out our blog on standard cylinder keyways here.) Standard cylinder locks are best suited for those applications in which you do not want to change the keys to the lock frequently. They are cheap to …

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What is a Backset?

A backet is the distance between the center of your door edge of the door and the center of the lock. The center of the door edge is important, because door edge could be bevel (left or right), radius or flat. For conventional door locks, there are two backsets that are common, 2-3/4″ and 2-3/8″. Generally residential doors have a 2-3/8″ backset and commercial doors have a 2-3/4″ backset. There are also 5″ backsets and …

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PDQ Smart Locks

PDQ Smart Locks are a cloud based access control solution. They are a safe, convenient and simple solution to keyless entry. PDQ Smart Locks lets you unlock your lock using your smart phone or smart watch, or by entering a pin code at the keypad. Simply download the Smart Lock App onto your android or apple device. Register the lock onto the app, and then simply add or remove users (i.e. grant or revoke access …

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