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The Definitive Guide To Lock Functions

Lock functions will help you determine which lock will fulfil your needs. This blog post will help you get familiar with the different lock functions that are available. Lock Functions Privacy – This function is usually used in bathroom and dressing room locks. Locks having privacy function generally have a pushbutton or thumbturn on the inside lever, which when pressed locks the outside lever. To unlock the outside lever, simply rotate the inside lever. Privacy …

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Door Hardware Handing Guide

Door Handing Explained Lock Handing Explained

Determining Door Handing (or Door Lock Handing) can be confusing !!! Many “old Pros” often make mistakes when ordering locks and door hardware! Why? Well, a left hand door is the same as a right hand reverse! Just like a right hand door is the same as a left hand reverse for the purpose of lock handing and door hardware handing! Confused yet? Rest Assured! Locksandsafes.com wants to simplify the door hardware ordering process. First, for the purpose of explaining …

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